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Note: Those who are familiar with most of my work may notice some conspicuous absences, or perhaps they didn't leave an imprint on you at all.  Some are being withheld for future considerations and others I don't want to be viewed out of context.

Poems and quick items:

Sad Libs - Click HERE to Play

Instant B-Movie Generator

"       , my invisible friend"

Triton (Fake Advertisement)

Hanging Chad (Picture)
(Inspired by the 2000 Presidential Election)

One Year Makes the Difference (Poem)

The Seussian Wedding Ceremony

Misfortune Cookies (like fortune cookies, but better!)

Arrow PSA (advertisement)

Twas the Night Before... (bachelor's version)


Short Stories:

Tales of Disquantified Mystery

Beavers! (parody of slash-em-up movies)

Bad Books (or Mary, It's Just a Cute Little Beaver)

Don't Try This at Home (24-Hour Story or The Lack of Love Story)

Old pre-98 material:

My First Webpage (A college course requirement)

My Second Webpage (Another college course requirement)
Includes "5 things my Rice Krispies say to me"

Back Issues of "Holidays of the Week" Mailing list (aka "Brenternet") Years 1 and 2

Got Milk ad / Dangers of White-Out

Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road? (A Collection of Responses)

What is the Meaning of Life? (A Collection of Responses)

Similarities Between DLHS and DLU

You may be the Next $10,000,000 Winner!  




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