What Is the Meaning of Life?
A Collection of Responses

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Subj:           The Meaning of Life

I have collected all of your answers and assembled them together. I hope you enjoy reading these answers. If you have any ideas what the question could be next time, please let me know. I will consider any suggestions you offer.

What is the meaning of life?

From:           DLU::BOWERSOCGG    "BOWERSOCK GREGORY GENE"     16-APR-1996 16:44


From:           DLU::SULLIVANCS    "SULLIVAN CHERIE SUZANNE"      16-APR-1996 16:55

the meaning of life is:

      To study your brains out, TRY to become successful, pay high taxes,
      have a house full of screaming children, and go insane by figuring out
      if the Houston Oilers are coming to town.

From:    DLU::CHOATEEP     "The Poster Children Poster Child"     16-APR-1996

easy, it's a monty python movie.

From:    DLU::BATESML1     "The Daddy of the Mac Daddy"     16-APR-1996 18:14

Living a good life on Earth and preparing ourselves for life in heaven.

From:    DLU::MCINTEERMW    "I just want to be loved. Is that so wrong?" 16-APR-1996

the meaning of life, the universe, and everything--42.
what was the question?

From:    IN%"JCBOONE@Harding.edu"     16-APR-1996 19:32

It's called the book of Ecclesiastes. Look into it.

Also, I know that if I had a beautiful, slender, long-legged, well-endowed, flat stomached maiden of virtue with long flowing red hair and an interest in Civil War battleground cartography, i wouldn't care.

From:  DLU::COBBRL "Fairweather Johnson"     16-APR-1996 20:25

Q:               What is the meaning of life?
A:               It seems that life is focused around writing papers.

From:    DLU::HARDYDA   "DAVE!!"     16-APR-1996 20:33
the meaning of life!

1. To see just how many time you can skip chapel and not get caught!

2. Computers, computers, computers!

3. To find your soul mate on the internet, have 'Safe virtual EXperiences'
   with them, exchange pictures via realmail find out Chris really can be
   the name of a member of the same sex, catch a computer virus and die!

From:    DLU::STEINERPR     "STEINER PATRICK ROGER"     16-APR-1996 21:46

The meaning of life is who, what, when, where, why, how, and if it was something that you would like to share with other people, unless you get humiliated easily.

From:    DLU::MILLSONDS   17-APR-1996 06:53

Life is a cereal.

Jim: That's life.
Tim: What's life?
Jim: A magazine
Tim: How much does it cost?
Jim: $1
Tim: I've only got a quarter.
Jim: That's life.
Tim: What's Life?
Jim:    ...

From:           DLU::BEASLEYCM     "I am called THE BEAST"      17-APR-1996 08:30

Have a corndog before you die

From:  DLU::FABERSA  "If I'm right 90% of the time why quibble on the other 10%"


From: IN%"war@vuse.vanderbilt.edu"     17-APR-1996 09:48

> What is the meaning of life?

something to eat, something to drink, and NFL football games to attend!!!

From:    DLU::BREWERJD                                "DON'T PANIC"      17-APR-1996 11:01

You knew this was coming: FORTY TWO!

From: IN%"davidprl@utkux.utcc.utk.edu" "Brace yourself for immediate disintegration"

The meaning of life is definitely not to write this eight page English paper. David

From:    DLU::FOREHANDCH    "Princess Christina"     17-APR-1996 17:12

What is the meaning of life?

1. The army's Version: "To be all you can be until you get so sick of trying to be perfect, you puke."
2. Mr Roger's Version: "To smile until your face cracks. Then you turn into some psycho who murders children every full moon."
3. Jeffrey Dahmer's Version: "To have fun mutilating and eating little boys, then repent before you die, so you can still go to Heaven."
4. Christy's Version: "Have fun being a spaz while you can because this is the only chance you get!"
5. O.J. Simpson's Version: "To lie the best you can so you don't have to spend your life in jail."
6. President Clinton's Version: "To enjoy my four years in office because I'm not gonna be back."
7. David Letterman's Version: "To learn how to whistle well in the space between my teeth."
8. Madonna's Version: "To have a baby before my biological clock runs down."
9. Rush Limbaugh's Version: "To tell everyone else what they are doing wrong."
10. Ronald Reagen's Version: "I don't remember."

Well, Brent, here's my own top 10 list. I thought they were kinda cute myself.
---------------- By! Christy Forehand

From:    DLU::BREWERJA   "Steinbeck rapes his math"     17-APR-1996 17:26

the meaning of life is a fudgesickle on a hot summer day that drips on your hands and gets in your hair and and on your nose when you pick it and somehow un your underwear but tastes good anyway

From:    DLU::SULLIVANYL    "Livin' in a Amish Paradise!!!!"      18-APR-1996 08:50

The meaning of life is to take hold of the girl you want and to say the 3 magic words "Let's go Bowling!!!!"

From:    DLU::PRICEEA                       "ELVIS"     18-APR-1996 12:31

It is not for us to know.

From:    IN%"wild@blown-rat.hotrod.com" "wild"     18-APR-1996 16:42

Meaning of life:
        A. root is a state of mind.
        B. advance the science of hacking.
        C. advance the science of picking up females.
        D. all of the above.