Tired of paying high gas prices at the pump?
From now on, high prices may be a thing of the past.
The New 2001 Heavrolet Triton

Introducing the brand new 2001 Triton.  Are you fed up with paying over $1.50 for just a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline when, just a few months ago, the price was closer to $1.  Imagine filling up your tank when gas prices are low and then never needing a fill-up when the prices are high.  Thatís what you can expect from the new car with the 550-gallon gas tank, the 2001 Heavrolet Triton. The Triton also gets 38 miles per gallon for highway travel (28 mpg in the city). That means you donít need to stop at a gas station for over 20,000 miles.  Youíll change your oil more often.  How about driving a round trip from New York to Los Angeles 3 times without stopping at the pump.  How many of your friends can make that claim?  Plus, the Triton come standard with brakes, an AM radio, sunroof, one-wheel drive and comfortable replica Naugahyde seats.  It comes in three great colors: Dark Carmine Red Metallic, Galaxy Royal Silver Metallic, and Brown.  The Tank comes in Midnight Oasis Reef Blue and Tan.The Triton also comes standard with a 3-year Bumper-to-Nozzle warranty. Come stop by your authorized Heavy dealer to find the car thatís right for you. You may find a more affordable car on the market, but will it be more affordable in the end? Once again, itís "time to see the Sun from your new Triton".

*May require a special driverís license endorsement in certain states.
2000 Brent Moore