From: DLU::MOOREBK "Cool temperatures due to TVA energy manditory reduction" 8-FEB-1996 15:08
To:    me,natalie,jennifer,dave,MariLynn,nancy,choate,beard,curtis,mark,
CC:    robertsad, jean,glissonbk,cherie,mcdowellcl,mcinteer,clint,wade
Subj: Similarities between dlu and dlhs

After spending most of my life at David Lipscomb campus school, I heard many times that the University would be very different. It is. However, I have started to notice several similarities between the two. Some of these only apply to me and others may apply to all of you. Here is what I have come up with:

I still don't know the second verse of the Alma Matter.

I still sit next to Natalie Montgomery in chapel

I still go to several volleyball matches, but I think 90% of the student body has never been to one.

I still find it easy to make fun of Jennifer Bellar. She still takes it very well.

Both Marriott and the bookstore still rob us blind.

I still don't know why I am friends with Yancey Sullivan. Maybe it's because he goes to the volleyball games.

I am still in the same Calculus class with David Casey. Most people still cringe when I show them what we are studying.

I still support basketball teams that win most of their games. John Hudy is still the assistant coach.

MariLynn Simons still annoys me only the way she can.

I still fear taking Biology class.

I still have a daily Bible class and a daily chapel. Most people would still rather not be there. All-guys chapel is not very well received.

I still see Billy everywhere. Anytime he sees me, he says,"There he is." I always respond, "Hey, Billy."

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