Brent K. Moore's HappyFun World.

This Happy Fun World has but one purpose, to satisfy a course requirement.  If any happy fun results from the viewing of this web page, then expectations have been more than met.  Otherwise, I am a Senior Math major eager to graduate from David Lipscomb University.

Five things my Rice Krispies say to me:

The time is...

Happy Fun Links or unhappy sad links:

 Sausage links - Mmmm.  Just like the slaughterhouse used to make.
 Missing Links - The link works but the links are missing.
 Abe Lincoln  -  The president which looks like ME!
 Golf links - Golf.  In my opinion, the second most boring sport.
 Richard Linklater - Independant director/filmmaker I'd never heard of
 And most importantly, a link to my previously established Home Page


Newest Web - Page requirements of this course!

My Resume     Call a Buddy - Bring a friend
My Scedule     Available for a limited time only - while supplies last


Guaranteed to be 100% fat free and 97% original, It's time for the...

Misfortune Cookie Generator!!


Things you can make if you listen to me:
Mr Jefferson says, There's no such thing as a 2 dollar bill!

Yet EVEN MOORE HappyFun Links (with pictures!)
Crieve Hall Church of ChristSunday services are at 8:15 and 10:30
Those who are late do not get fruit cup  Texas Rangers Major League Baseball team
Mathematical Association of AmericaWhere a mind is a terrible thing to lose
U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Don't some people seem to get all the good jobsmoney money money money money money money money money

Daniel Huddleston's Web Page
Is it a digital funhuse?  You be the judge.

Mystery Science Theater 3000Believe it or not, this movie's still on.  It should have ended a long time ago
Pope Choate I Eric Choate's Information Warehouse
Will's Not Quite so Boring Web PageMake sure you check the Brent's Story page
Oh no.  This is bad.  IT'S HIM!!  Run away while you can!Jason Dodson's Web Page
David Lipscomb UniversityRun (through the) Forest, Run!
potterdj@dlu.eduDJ Potter's Web Page

Now - A gratuitous picture of my Fiancee

She will be wearing one of these...