Instant B-Movie Generator

The Implausible Evaporating Man FINAL

Have you ever wanted to write a B-Movie horror film and needed a place to start?  Have you already made your B-Movie and now need a title for your film.  This page can help.  Follow the 6 easy steps below:

1) (Optional)  This first step is useful for a sequel, and it is not required for every film, especially if this will be your first.  if you wish, choose an option from the drop-down box:

2) add the following word:


3) Next, you need to choose an adjective to convey to your audience how amazing or unbelievable your star monster is:

4) Then, this might be the most important step. You need to pick another adjective which best describes your monster's unique physical feature that makes him so, so scary.

5) Now, you need to describe what your monster is.  You can use one of MAN, CREATURE, MONSTER, or BEAST or for extra spunk, pick one of the following:

6) (Optional) At this point, you might have a complete movie title, but if you want to add that one final saucy jaunt for your target audience, you can tell viewers where the monster came from.  If utilized properly, by adding this part to the title, you can save money in your filming budget by establishing the back-story of the monster while not actually filming it. (you can then apply that money for a better rubber suit for the actor who will portray the monster.)


Now, if you have finished steps 1 - 6, you will have a complete B-Movie title, and will be something along the lines of "Return of the Ostensible Sublimating Man" or The Insurmountable Corroding Migrant From Beyond."  At the point you are ready to design your movie's poster, feel free to add one of the following taglines:

Tagline Chooser!!


Now that you have finished the beginning steps for your first film, feel free to come back in the future for another title.  Although the choices are not limitless, you won't be able to exhaust all of the possibilities on this page*.

*Unless you are Roger Corman.


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