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Every book listed on this website is either a book I own or a book I have read.  These are the books I have used to find some of the places that don't show up in any tour guide.  Some of these books are older or hard to find, and many of them don't come up in searches of books about Tennessee and the area.  I have grouped the books into categories, and many listings have a few notes.  If you are interested in any of these books, check out the Bookstore.  These books are arranged in three main categories:

[Guide books]     [Photo Books]     [History Books]

Do you know of a book you think I would like? Let me know!

Guide Books - These are the books that assist finding specific places in the area.  These guides are divided by topic, such as waterfalls, county courthouses, Rock City Barns, architecture, or places you'll find just by driving around.

Photo Books - Many of these I would call Coffee Table Books.  See some of the midstate's finest images from some of the midstate's finest photographers.  This page also includes books of historic photos of Nashville and Tennessee.

History Books - These books aren't textbooks for high school students.  The history books on this page are written by the area's most knowledgeable historians, are the best storytellers or are the experts on a specific topic.  Also, included on this page is an Additional Reading section featuring other interesting reads that don't fit in any other category.