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People: coins with famous people on them

Places: Coins from places you may have never heard of

Things: Coins with stories, or odd things on them

Numbers: Coins with odd denominations, not for people who are bad at math

Coins from unusual places

Are you familiar with any of these places?




New (Nouvelle) Caldonia






Odd Denominations: Coins not for people who are bad at math

Jersey 1/12 of a shilling

Netherlands East Indies (later became Indonesia) 1/4 of a Gulden

Netherlands Antilles 2 1/2 cents

The U.S. once had a silver coin worth 3 cents.

Germany 4 Reichpfenig. Why?

Soviet Union 15 kopecks

Germany 200 Mark

West Africa 250 Francs

Mexico 500 pesos

Romania 1000 Lei

Turkey 100,000 Lira

Coins with interesting people

Spain - Don Quixote

Vatican City - Pope John Paul II

Greece - Alexander the Great

In 1892, the US made a Commemorative Half Dollar for Christopher Columbus

Coins with other comments

My Only coin, so far, that is Tri-metallic.





Whatever happened to those immensely popular US Steel Pennies? They became Belgium 2 Franc coins.

Leave it to the people from Thailand.  What is that thing? Raminds me of the Evil Flying Monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.

This coin is the same size as a US Quarter. Many vending machines can not distinguish this coin from a quarter, much to the chagrin of vending machine operators.

Is it a coincidence that my only gold coin is also probably the smallest coin in my collection?

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