Which U.S. President Are You?


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Are you a Ronald Reagan or an FDR?

Are you an Abraham Lincoln or a George Washington?

Have you ever wondered which former U.S. President most resembles you?  If so, answer this brief eight question unscientific quiz and we use an algorithm to determine which president you are.  The first 4 questions are political and the last 4 questions are for your personality.  After you answer each question, click on the "Submit" button, then in a few seconds you will have your answer.

Your answers are not saved or recorded anywhere.  They are used solely for the purpose of determining which U.S. President you would most closely resemble.  When you are finished, you will get an icon that you can use to post on your blog, website, MySpace, friendster, etc...

To take the Quiz, Answer these 8 questions:

  1. Which Political Party in the list below best represents your political beliefs?

    none of the above (independent)

  2. War:  In your opinion, which of the following statements best represent your criteria for declaring war?

    War should be avoided at all costs, regardless of the situation.
    Do not declare war on others, unless they have declared war upon us first.
    America has no interest in the affairs of other countries, but we should always be prepared to defend ourselves.
    We should make a pre-emptive strike against those who seek to harm us or our allies, even if they are not an immediate threat.
    Nuke 'em all.

  3. Taxes: Which of the following statements best describes your opinion of taxes?

    The Wealthy should pay more in taxes, so the middle class can pay less and the poor pay none.
    The "trickle-down economics" of the 80's was a failed idea which allowed the rich to get richer and the national economy suffered as a result.
    A flat tax should be implemented which would treat everyone fairly and not require anyone to need to file with the IRS.
    If everyone had their taxes cut, according to the Laffer Curve, more money would be put back into the economy and tax revenue would increase
    I hate taxes; nobody should pay them.

  4. What is your opinion of slavery?

    Slavery is wrong. Period. It treats certain people as second-class citizens unfairly based solely on the pigmentation of their skin, which they had no control over.  You must be nuts for even asking such a question.
    Slavery wasn't so bad.
    I own slaves.

  5. Public Speaking:  How comfortable are you at speaking in front of an audience?

    I look forward to being asked to talk in front of 10,000 with no prior warning.  I'd be in my element.
    I would speak in front of a large audience, or appear live on TV or radio, as long as I am prepared.
    I could speak to a medium-sized group as long as I had well organized notes.
    I could read a completely written speech to a group of 200.
    I fainted reading a report in high school in a class of 25, and I'd never do it again.

  6. Fashion:  Which of the following do you think best describes your fashion Aptitude?

    I am so ahead-of-the-curve trendy, that If I were to wear something currently not in style, since I wore it, it would then be in style.
    I do not read the fashion magazines, but I use top notch professionals: hair stylist  or barber, manicurist, tailor or fashion designer.
    I go to the big store at the mall and buy the nice clothes that are on sale.
    My clothes all come from thrift stores. My current look was popular 20 years ago.
    I am frequently told that not only do my clothes clash, they are at all-out civil war.
    I have 3 pairs of pants, 5 dress shirts and 10 ties.  Therefore I have 150 options for my wardrobe (If you are female, substitute dresses, purses and shoes for pants, shirts and ties.)

  7. When you have to make an important decision, which of the following statements best describes how you would reach your decision?

    If I am in charge, that means it is my decision to make, after hearing the basic facts, a good leader must know how to make the best decision, because that is my job.
    I value the input of others. when a decision must be made, I want to hear from all sides for them to present their case, and based on what I hear, I then make a decision.
    After hearing the facts, I make an initial decision.  Then I pass my idea around to my associates to see if they think it is a good idea.
    A good leader doesn't necessarily have to make the decisions.  I let my subordinates make the decisions, but it is my job to motivate and implement those decisions.
    I take a team approach by surrounding myself with people with different strengths.  My job is to delegate to the appropriate person.

  8. Religion: Which of the following best describes how religious you are?

    I am a devout Catholic and attend every mass.
    I am a devout Christian but not a Catholic.  I attend every church service.
    I believe in God and might go to church for Easter or Christmas.
    I am religious but not a Christian. (I am Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc...)
    I am agnostic
    I am an atheist.

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