Motels, Hotels & Inns

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Whenever possible, I like to stay at the older mom & pop motels along my journey.  I suppose there's something to be said for supporting the small businesses, as you don't want the large chains to completely take over - but it's becoming harder to do, as fewer remain.  The old ones that have survived this long are usually either located in a highly tourist area or were fortunate to be located along the old highway at a spot that intersects with the newer interstates.  Usually, you can stay at these places at a reduced rate, but the quality is sometimes suspect.  I have stayed at some wonderful and charming places, and I've been to others that look like nothing has changed in 50 years - including the sheets.  Still, I've never had to deal with roaches or bed bugs and you're just as likely to find those with the chains.  Also included here are some of the long gone places that often leave little evidence behind that there ever was a motel there.  This set also includes city hotels, but none of the name brands.

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