County Courthouses

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Every County has one. (I suppose.) Some are more interesting than others, but I am working on a goal to visit each one in the state as well of those of the nearby places.  Each one is the building for the local government offices, and oftentimes, the age of the place correlates to how interesting the building is.  Many of the oldest ones that still remain have a look of the mightiest building of the area, a stately presence to show strength and stability.  Those from the turn of the 20th century to the Roaring Twenties have a look to be the fanciest, most opulent building around, something the residents could take pride in. Courthouses from the 30's tend to have more of an Art Deco look, balancing a nice look, but not too nice.  In the 50's, they started to be fancy again, but not to the same scale they had been before.  The most recent ones had more of a concern of functionality and not as much prettiness.  The counties that have one of the older treasures began to realize at some point in the 80's that these important landmarks need to be preserved.  When more space has become necessary, the older courthouses have now been saved instead of torn down and replaced with boring buildings.  Finally, whenever possible, any courthouse that had modernization done to the exterior has often had those modern updates restored back to the way it used to be.  I'm not sure I really need a map for this, as usually there easy to find, but I provide this in case you'd like to decide for yourself what is worth visiting.

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