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Stock Photography:  Need to use one or several photos for your website or print publication?

Since the founding of this website, it has been my vision to visit every corner of our fine state.  With that in mind, it has become my goal to meet all of your Tennessee photo needs, whether it's a Nashville skyline, or the courthouse in your county!  My photos have appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, television and even a map.  Do you have a website where you'd like to show off a little bit of local flavor?  Realtors have especially found my photos to be useful for their websites.

I am a Photograph Contributor with Getty Images, the most popular stock photography agency in the world.  See my photos listed for sale on their website here.  If you find one of my photos on my Flickr account that you would like to license through Getty Images, go to that photo's page.  Below the photo on the right is a link for "Additional Info (Show More)" and if you click on that you'll see a link for "Request to License's photos via Getty Images."  Be advised that it may take a week or more for a photo to then be posted to Getty's website.

I do not work with any Microstock agency.

If you prefer, you can save time and money and work directly with me!  If you work with me personally, the photo can be approved for sale quicker, and you can wait to pay once you're certain you'll use the photo.  Plus, by cutting out the middle-man, I can sell the usage of the photos for a lower cost since there will not be a commission.  I do not have a set price list, as I prefer to work with each client based on their needs.  I do not have any Model Releases or Property Releases, so keep this in mind based on your usage plan.

For more info about any of these topics, Contact me!

Photos for Public Display:

Be like the the restaurant in Clarksville that wanted my photo of the courthouse mural, the hotel in Brentwood that wanted my photo of the Nashville Catfish neon sign, or the skyscraper in Knoxville that wanted my photo of their building in the lobby!  Many people like the framed standard-sized poster prints (36"x24").  One restaurant in Morristown turned my photo into a large wallpaper for the dining area.  Let me help with your interior decorating needs. Contact me!

Do you work with a tourist attraction, gift shop or general store, advertising agency, tourism department, chamber of commerce, or local government office?  Many of my photos would make great post cards or art prints and we can split the profits!

Photos for Personal Enjoyment:  Posters, Prints, Post Cards and more!

Most of my photos are available for purchase for personal use.  Would you like a poster or a large print for your house or workspace?  Post Cards to send to friends?  One lady sent 8x10 photos as Christmas presents!  5x7 prints of historic sites are great for scrapbooking projects! 

If there's something you like, there are two ways to order:  If you contact me directly, I can send you a digital copy of the image (as a .jpg) and you can print it at home, or use the photo printing service of your choice. 

If you prefer something simpler, browse my Zazzle store!  If I have a photo you want and it's not on there already, let me know and I'll post it for sale, whenever possible.  Plus, Zazzle has the ability to turn photos and other designs into T-shirts, mugs, clocks, mousepads, playing cards and other interesting gifts.  Right now, my Zazzle store has three featured categories:  1) Post Cards of Tennessee Series 2) The Tennessee Courthouse Collection.  There are postcards of almost every county courthouse in Tennessee, or you can get a poster of all of them (coming soon). 3) The Inspirational Scripture Series.  Several of my photos are used as backdrops for Inspiration Scripture, and are available as posters, greeting cards and 4x6 prints.

Other Ways You Can Help:

Right now, I keep this website up and going two different ways, photo sales and advertising. Every time you make a purchase or visit one of my advertising sponsors, you help me keep the content coming.  Photo equipment and computer equipment is expensive; so is the cost of driving around all of the back roads.  Perhaps there's nothing on this page that you want or need, but there are still ways you can help.

Several people have suggested I write a book, and it's something I have thought about for a while.  I know it's not something I could just spit out in a few hours, as it would take a while to craft such a volume.  I have several ideas in mind.  Some people have suggested a Coffee Table book.  Others have suggested I write a history book based around my photos along a single topic.  Still, others think I should write a Points of Interest book, something that would be different from a typical tourist guidebook, but something unique to the hidden gems the area has to offer.  If you think a book is a good idea, send me a message and let me know what would interest you or what you think your friends might buy.

Finally, the last way you could help is by making a paypal donation.  Now, I'm not the type of person who wants to beg, so if you're willing to go for this step, feel free to write me and let me know what type of content you like about this website and what you'd like to see more of.  Any level of support will be highly appreciated!

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